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Quik Video is a mobile app that allows users from around the world to upload their videos and pictures to multiple social media accounts seamlessly. Who We Are Founded in 2017, Quik Video is the most efficient and reliable video and image uploading app in the world. Whether you have an image you want to share with friends on Facebook, or are a Blogger who wants to make it big, our app is the best way to share content quickly. As a team of developers and innovators from Techrulz, we passionately pursue ideas that will make our audience’s lives easier. Our commitment to building the best app available is governed by our integrity to listen when our customers speak. The result is the Quik Video application. What We Do Using Quik Video is simple. Let’s say you just captured a funny video of your child stumbling across the floor or your dog doing something cute, and you want to share it with your entire social community. The problem is, those sites only allow you to upload directly to their platform—not across the board. The solution? Quik Video. Simply upload your video or image to our app and then share it simultaneously to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. No more wasting time. Upload your videos quickly by using Quik Video. Why Choose Us If you’re sick of spending what seems like a lifetime waiting for your videos to upload on multiple sites, it’s time for an upgrade. Stop wasting precious time re-uploading your content, and start using Quik Video today.


Excellent Features

Upload videos to Multiple Social Media Networks at the same time with Quik Video.

Your video sharing solution to upload videos to social media for professional bloggers, advertisers or anyone who wishes to upload their videos to multiple video hosting sites and social networks like YouTuve, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…. at the same time.

Whether you’re filming the police, pranks, concerts, or anything interesting… Quik Video is the app for you!

Video Output Options

Camera: Capture videos and uploads
Gallery: Choose from existing videos

Platforms to upload

More To Come…

Premium Features

Video Trimming
Add watermark and text to video
Add your own logo to video
More Social Media Platforms coming soon!

Set Privacy, Set Quality

Set the video Privacy (Public or Private)
Set the video Quality


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